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A collection of information about my interests - philosophy, secure computing, linux...

While security in the internet and information technology is a major interest of mine and has its own security section, I have left some stuff over here, which in part also concerns security.
Then, there's the...

My Lean and Secure Windows Pages

I have migrated to using linux for some time now (040701), but from time to time I keep re-booting into windows (2000). And I like to have what I appreciate in linux mimicked at least to some extent in windows. So there are two main concerns for me: 1) Having a lean windows and 2) having a secure windows. (Both of course as far as windows itself permits and with as much of Free Software as possible - if you're interested in windows free software, have a look at this blog and at the OpenCD project.)

There's something I'd like to mention right away:
I've set up links with some "Affiliate Programs", which means that for some of the tools I like very much - and which are shareware and of which I'm a registered user - I have set up links so that you can purchase them. The link will take you to the tools' own company/homepage, but if you've "enabled referrer tracking" in your browser, that company will notice that you came from my homepage and I'll get some small reward if/when you decide to purchase that tool as well.
(I think when you additionally allow cookies it will even remember you and your "affiliation" with me.)
Of course, this will make the more sense, the more complete my discussion of those tools will be, so I am planning to put up some more information about the tools and why I am so in favour of them. But that takes time...
One thing I can say in all cases is that the personal support I received from each of the developers was simply outstanding. All are very nice and knowledgeable people.
Anyway, if you want, you can go directly down to that section
or just ignore it (for now ;-) and continue reading the other stuff...

Zum Seitenanfang

Furthermore, I have the following, which are waiting to be properly introduced, like the windows pages above. But don't think I don't care as much about these:

Zum Seitenanfang

My Affiliate Programs

Well, simply put, I haven't yet had the time to set this up. I plan to do it for the following:

Zum Seitenanfang

Then there are a few things I also enjoy a lot, maybe I will add these later on:

oh, yes:
while trying to get used to the different ways of avoiding Unsolicited Commercial Email (UCE, aka spam), I came upon the concept of Trapping those mails: create an account you don't expect any legitimate mail on and use the mail you receive in there to do all sorts of things to it. First and foremost, submit it to several online spamfighting engines. But then, you could also try to improve your defense recipes, write a complaint mail to some ISP etc.
So i have set up some addresses which stupid harvesting bots are supposed to find and sell and send their junk to: and
Remember: don't you send anything to these addresses - your mail will be bounced, submitted to spamhunting engines, complained about, your address will be blacklisted and what have you...